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Not all people of course.

So I was driving to Chilly the other day when I noticed the traffic in front of me swerving, slowing down and generally behaving as if a pack of hyenas had been let loose in the road. As I pulled up however, I saw two dogs in the middle of the highway. They were really upset, just running back and forth in the highway, frantic and obviously beside themselves with confusion,  just terrified.

Cars were slowing down to avoid hitting them but were otherwise moving on. After pausing for about 1.5 seconds I decided to stop and try and get them off the road. Big dog guy, I can’t help myself. As luck would have it a lady in a van was going in the other direction and had stopped as well, so she helped me corral the two in the ditch beside the road. The dogs were beautiful cocker spaniels and were obviously somebody’s pets, as they had collars with tags. They were also caked with mud. The tags had an address which I  knew to be about 4-miles away so I thought what the hell, I can clean my car later. At that point I told the lady I’d take them home. I just couldn’t leave the dogs like that. They readily hopped into the backseat of my car, mud and all, and we were off.

Sparky (as you can imagine) wasn’t happy with this arrangement but I told him to chillax, I was only trying to help his doggie brethren.

As I drove to the address, one of the dogs decided to join us up front, which I thought was nice of him if not exactly prudent given his state of filthiness. Still, at that point I was just happy they were contained.

I finally made it to the address and drove back the driveway, noticing a couple “NO TRESPASSING” signs as I went. I ignored the signs, assured the owners would be thrilled to be getting their pets back. Upon arrival at the house I left the dogs in the car and walked up to the door. The main door was open, but a screen door was there and I knocked, then called and asked if anyone was home.


I could hear a TV or radio on so I yelled a couple times, basically saying I’d found their dogs. After getting no response I walked around the house, again yelling and getting nothing in return. Since the dogs were going nuts in my car and the garage door was open I finally decided to let them out. They immediately ran into the garage, clearly happy to be home. After standing in the driveway and yelling a couple more times I drove away, making sure the pups didn’t follow me. They did not.

Later that evening I found out who lived at the house. I didn’t know the people but decided to give them a call to make sure everything was alright with the dogs. OK, maybe a small part of me wanted a pat on the back for bringing their pets home.

Alas, t’was not to be. Here’s what happened when I called:

Me: “Hey, I’m the guy who found your dogs and brought them home yesterday. I yelled but nobody came to the door. I’m just calling to make sure they’re OK.”

Guy: “Oh, we were there. You know those ‘NO TRESPASSING’ signs are there for a reason, right?”


At that point I yelled said something about just taking the dogs home with me the next time I found them, and hung up.

Moral of the story? Some people are ungrateful idiots.

Originally published on August 28th, 2012.