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Well, it happened again yesterday. Somebody told me I looked like this guy. Over the past several years I’ve probably had 50 complete strangers tell me I looked like Sean Connery. Once in a bar in NC, a guy even sent me a martini with instructions for the bartender to tell me it was shaken, not stirred. Not even kidding. I’ve been stopped in zoos, grocery stores and restaurants among other places. I don’t know whether to be flattered or insulted. On one hand the guy’s a movie star and played James Bond. On the other hand he’s 82-years old. Good God.

Whaddaya think? I gotta tell ya I simply do not see it. Not at all. Still, I’d like to know if anyone else sees it. It’s happened far too often to ignore. Watch this slideshow and give me your opinion.

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Well, hell, looking at that slideshow, maybe I DO look like him. Am I proud? Embarrassed? I’m so confused.