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Sick of people complaining and feeling sorry for themselves because they live in 2016?

Me too.

Well, here’s what you can tell them the next time they begin one of their fretting, brooding mopefests:

Despite all the terrorist bombings, police brutality, ISIS, and all the other scary stuff on the news there has never been a safer time to be alive than right now.

Think today’s tough? Our earliest history was really, really violent. Genocides and mass warfare were everyday parts of life, not to mention folks dying of everything from tuberculosis, diarrhea and the flu.

And get this – based on archaeological evidence, it’s believed that during early civilization about 15% of all lives ended in murder. I’m no math major, but I’m pretty sure that’s about 15 out of every 100.


But hey, the good news is that life got better as time went on, right up to today. In fact, the worldwide homicide rate is lower than it has ever been. In many places this is a humongous change. Italy, for example, has about 1.4 percent as many murderers as it did in the 1400s.

Genocide? It’s on its way to being abolished. As terrible as ISIS and all the recent genocides were, they’re teeny little blips compared to our past. Hell, genocide used to practically be a way of life.

Man, that was a bad choice of words by me.

Actually, the rate of mass murder has been steadily declining and has never been lower than it is today.

So hey, head up kids! The world isn’t as bad as all these TV shows and news reports are making it out to be. Quit moping and bitching about the world we live in, man.

You’re lucky to be living in the here and now! Enjoy it and be happy!