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Originally published on July 12th, 2012.

I had an encounter with someone the other 2202dbbb4a06dc51811515c498b907c7dbday who I hadn’t seen in awhile. As a little background information for my non-local readers, I used to coach high school basketball here in Southern Ohio back in the 90’s. Since then I’ve never left basketball, coaching AAU, being the National Coach for a team from the Caribbean as well as doing some work for some major college programs. I was also an Athletic Director at the high school and (very) small college levels. I tell you that because it’s relative to my story. Anyway, this lady asked what I was up to and here’s the conversation that transpired:

Me: “You haven’t heard? I’m back coaching basketball at PV. I was hired a couple months ago.”

Lady, cocking head and looking at me quizzically: “Really? Isn’t that a step backward?”

Me: [awkward stare]

Lady: “Well, good for you.”

So I got a good laugh out of it and recounted the story on Facebook. I hadn’t really given it much thought, but some of the responses were very nice. One person remarked that I’m lucky to be doing what I love and another said it’s never a step backwards when you’re helping kids. To be honest it never occurred to me for a second that it was a backwards move or that anybody would see it that way. The bottom line is I love it, and the minute I stepped foot in Donald E. Anderson Memorial Gymnasium I knew it was the right decision.

So, to the point of this blog. I’d like to throw out a question and see what kind of responses I get. What is the most inappropriate or rude thing anyone has ever said to you?

This should be good.