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Sad Happy Face.

Letdowns. They happen randomly all the time. They’ll just wallop ya when you least expect it, right upside the back of the head. I’m not talking about something like The Hangover Part II or, you know, that birthday when you were 9-years old and wanted a BB Gun but got a Hungry Hippos game instead and went to your room and cried and . . . wait. Never mind. The point is letdowns suck. That said, here are a few letdowns that I’ve experienced . . .

I was in Las Vegas a few years ago with an ex, and she’d never been to the Sin City before. Naturally, she hit a Royal Flush on one of the Video Blackjack machines the very first day. Woohoo! Happiness, hugs and high-fives all-around. At that point I told her to stay with the machine until I got somebody to pay her off. I found a casino floor person lady to come over, and here’s the conversation that transpired:

Me: “Hey, she just hit a Royal Flush! She won $1,200.00! Show her the money! Woohoo!”

Lady, looking closely at the machine: “Honey, she didn’t win $1,200.00. She won $120,000.00.”

Stunned silence for approximately 7.3-seconds.

Next, I’m looking frantically around, trying to figure out what I’d missed. Was it one of those progressive machines? Was this some sort of a special machine and I didn’t notice? Was I dreaming? Had I gone batshit crazy? None of it mattered, we’d just won $120,000.00!!!

Incidentally, at this point I’m pretty sure I did the Hammer Dance across the casino floor and back.

Anyway, we’re hugging and jumping up and down, generally acting like idiots, and I may or may not have kissed an elderly gentlemen who happened by. But, unbeknownst to us the lady had bent over and taken a closer look at the machine. Then I feel a pecking on my shoulder, turn around, and hear these soul-crushing words:

“Honey, you were right. She only won $1,200.00. My mistake.”

So, in a matter of 3-minutes, Casino Lady had made $1,200.00 seem like 12¢, effectively shattering the moment and my world as I knew it.


Another time long time ago my Dad took me aside and we had this conversation:

Dad, excitedly: “Hey, how would you and (name redacted) like to go with Mom and I to New York City? We’ll stay for 3-days in a nice hotel, see the sights, everything paid for by us of course. It’ll be great.”

Me: “Hell yes! We’re in! When do we leave?”

Dad: “Well, we’ve already asked your sister and brother-in-law, but if they can’t go you guys are in.”

Then he walked away. I swear that happened. We were the backup plan.


Relationship letdowns are the worst, amirite? Like maybe, just maybe, you begin seeing someone and you think, “Wow, we could have a pretty nice thing going on here.” Then, on about your 7th date you start getting bad vibes. You know, little signs that things aren’t what they seem. Maybe a snide remark or criticism here and there. It could be a drop in the amount of affection coming your way. Or it could be something more serious. Maybe your date drops a subtly racist comment or something that sort of stops you in your tracks and you’re thinking, “Uh . . . oh.”

Please understand I’m speaking from personal experience here talking hypothetically here. The women I’ve had relationships with have been flawless in every way (wink-wink). But you know what I mean. In the beginning everything is new and both of you are on your best behavior, then as time goes by you kind of start acting like your normal self. At that point you either sink or swim, and I’ve hit the bottom several times. Also understand I’m totally cognizant of my responsibility in these relationships as well. I’ve let down far too many people in my life and I’m not proud of it. To be honest, the failures of my relationships have been largely my fault. Still, I like to think I’ve learned a lot from my screw-ups, making me a better man ultimately. Well, at least I like to think that whether it’s true or not. In addition . . .

Hold on. Jeebus, what am I doing? I actually opened up there for a second. What the hell? I’m losing my mojo right before your very eyes.

On a related note, have you ever dated somebody, only to break up after a few weeks? And then you run into them months later, thinking to yourself, “Wow, she looks really good and is being so nice.” Then, you ask them out again only to realize 17-minutes into the date why you broke up in the first place? Yeah, me too. That sort of blows.

I just realized this blog could never end. Hell, we’ve all had our share of disappointments and letdowns. It’s a part of life. You tough it out and move on, right? After all, you can’t hang on to the disappointment of not getting that BB Gun forever, can you?

Can you?