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The Stinkbird is also know as The Hoatzin, which sounds a helluva lot more classy than Stinkbird. They’re found in swamps, forests, and mangroves of the Amazon. These guys are really noisy, letting out hoarse calls including groans, croaks, hisses and grunts, which in turn limits the number of party invitations they receive. And get this: Stinkbirds are born with a claw on their wing that acts as a thumb, enabling them to climb through trees. Oddly though, by the time they reach adulthood the claw is gone. That’s Nutso City man. Anywho, Stinkbird.

Note: I found no evidence that the Stinkbird does in fact stink. Go figure.

KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE! Seriously, what the hell? I thought Umbonia Spinosa was a dictator in some Central American country or something. No, it’s actually a bug sometimes known as a Treehopper or Thorn Bug. They feed on tree sap, which is a relief because I was guessing human flesh. They’re considered a pest because they kill trees by sucking the sap out of them and also because they’re ugly as hell and resemble a space alien. Thank you and sweet dreams. Anywho, Umbonia Spinosa.