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Dogs can smell their owners from up to 11-miles away.


Someone needs to check on that Corgi.


CCTV: A fearless dog has been caught on camera fighting off a leopard that tried to snatch its puppy from outside a building in India. The daring rescue was captured on CCTV from an Indian Forest Service office in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. Footage shows the puppy sitting on a porch outside the office before the big cat pounces, trying to grab its prey and run. However, the mother reacts quickly to the situation, attacking the leopard and forcing it to retreat back into the forest.

Seriously, dogs are the best, right? That mother dog went after a killing machine 3-times her size and made of razor sharp claws and teeth without blinking an eye. Not today, leopard boy. Not today.

PS- Man, bad day for cats, huh? Leopard has to go back to the forest and tell his buddies a mother dog kicked his ass. That’s just embarrassing.

What kind of videos never get old? Dog videos. Adorable.

So I read this article in the Canine Journal today, and I must say it is 100% correct on all counts. The article is in italics, with my comments included in regular type.

Jack Russell terriers are tough, tenacious, athletic, and super friendly. They have a never-say-die attitude.

Tough? Oh hell yes. More on that later. Tenacious? Dude doesn’t know the what quit means. Friendly? Well, yeah, as long as you don’t have feathers. Never say die? I can promise you Sparky would never, ever quit in a fight. He’d die first.

Did you know Jack Russell terriers can jump as high as five feet, or 5-times their own height?

I do know this. Sparky can pogo like you read about. He’s been known to jump up and ride with people on horses, no joke. He’s also jumped over the side of a pickup truck bed from a dead stop on the ground.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a dog who lives to work, and perhaps play as well, because being bred to hunt they are runners that enjoy a good run and in particular a good chase!

Der. Just ask the neighborhood cats. And rabbits. And kids on bikes. And anything with feathers.

An unfortunate instinct, however, is their barking and general noise level. A working Jack Russell would have to gain the attention of its master as well as frighten foxes and badgers from their holes and they did so by barking. Unfortunately for most, for owners today this is a characteristic that stuck with the breed and they are known for being noisy dogs that aren’t afraid to bark to get the attention of their owner or other companion animals.

Yep. All I have to do is pick up my car keys and all hell breaks loose. Someone asked me the other day why Sparky goes everywhere with me. My answer? “Because he insisted.

In addition to barking the Jack Russell Terrier is a particularly high energy dog that was bred to have good stamina when it came to the hunt. The Jack Russell Terrier can be deceiving for such a small dog. They have zero problem taking on a much bigger dog, or any kind of animal for that matter.

Gee, ya think? At 22-pounds, The Spark has taken on, among other things, a German Shepherd and a coyote. And oh by the way, he chased a pit bull out of our yard the other day. I kid you not.

The potential owner should always be aware of this stamina and need for exercise because the Jack Russell will always find a way to entertain itself if it is not provided with adequate exercise and stimulation.

True story. I gave Sparky a bath the other day and afterwards he wanted to be let out. He then proceeded to sprint around the house 5-consecutive times. Dead run. Not even kidding. Then he followed it up by nearly catching a dove before it took flight.

So yeah, pretty accurate description of my best friend. Sparky, man. Not sure what I’d do without him.

This dog saves his pal from drowning because that’s what dogs do, man. A cat would have probably put its paw on his friend’s head, held him under and gleefully watched him die. Dogs? They jump in and push their buddy back to safety, then hop out ready to frolic poolside. Dogs, man.

Just a little something to make you smile today.

Looks like a disembodied head and tail. Love it.

Miniature donkeys, man.

Those who have read this site regularly over the past 6-years know well of the exploits of my beloved Sparky. The little guy has battled coyotes,  a horse-fly, sweepers, hobos, stingrays, the list is a long one. Little dude would battle a lion for me if he thought I was in danger.

Which brings me to his latest heroics.

This morning I let him out for a bit, then brought him back in to give him breakfast. Spark trotted off to the kitchen for a drink, and I stood there for a minute to turn on the TV. It was then I thought I felt something on my neck, but I reached up and nothing was there. I just figured it was a thread on my shirt or something and forgot about it. However, about a minute later I felt something on my left hand. I glanced down and to my horror, there on the back of my hand, was a spider the size of a golf ball. It was just sitting there looking up at me with its 12 damn eyes. I swear to God it was all swollen up like one of those you see on a YouTube video that people step on and a million little spiders come crawling out. Just horrifying, man.

We locked eyes for what seemed like an eternity, and at that point I may or may not have shrieked like a 9-year old girl. Then I violently shook my hand, trying to shake the monster off of me. It disappeared, but then a God-awful thing occurred – the beast was attached by a web strand and bounced right back at me. First it landed back on my chest, and I knocked it off. Then it dropped about halfway to the ground and snapped right back up at me, right towards my face. Luckily I batted it away, but it popped right back at me again like a freakin’ 8-legged yo-yo. The web was a like a rubber band I tell ya. It was an absolute nightmare come to life. .

Enter the Spark.

My best friend, who’d been in the kitchen getting a drink, had heard his buddy wailing away like a madman in the living room. He came bursting around the corner like a canine possessed, assessed the situation in about .3 seconds, and went into action. Before the fiend could launch another attack, land on my neck and administer a life-threatening bite, he met his match. Spark leapt up, grabbed it, and whipped it away. Hey, that web was strong but it was no match for the Spark’s fangs.

After he tossed it aside he immediately turned and found it on the floor, picked it up, and tossed it again. This happened 2 or 3 times. Now you know the Spark is smart, so what he did next shouldn’t surprise you. I opened the door, and he instinctively picked the monster up, ran outside and whipped it away into oblivion.

I actually went out and looked for it, but the demon was nowhere to be found. In my mind it’s still out there, planning its next attack.

Better think again, spider mutant. The Spark will be waiting.

PS- I swear Sparky knew not to actually bite the thing. He would sort of pick it up with his teeth and whip it away quickly. Spark, man.

Check out those eyes. Sparky knows things.

So here’s the story. A man in St. Louis bought a house only to find a Pit Bull had been left in the basement. Turns out a squatter had been living in the house, then took off and abandoned this poor dog for God knows how long. The guy immediately called Stray Rescue of St. Louis, who showed up to save this poor pup. Due to the dog’s sheer joy of being rescued and her constant leaping about, the rescuers dubbed her Jumping Bean. How could anyone leave a dog behind like this? Unimaginable. Glad this story had a happy ending, man. Here’s to Jumping Bean.

Dogs develop “bite inhibition”, the ability to control the strength of  bite, as puppies after learning that too harsh of a bite will interrupt play.

Yep. Leela is crazy, man. Also adorable. Her owner posted some pics on Imgur along with some absolutely priceless comments so I had to share. I’ll show the photos, with his comments below them:

“She frequently sits like this as if it’s normal.”

“She ALWAYS lays on the floor like this. Doesn’t seem to have brain damage, but who can really tell?”

“Whenever I tell her she is weird she gives me the side-eye.”

“She absolutely hates the cold. This is the only way she’ll go outside when it’s under 30 degrees.”

“She simply cannot sleep unless you wedge her head and practically smother her.”

Leela is awesome, man. Arranging a play date with Sparky as we speak.

Note: I got some of this info from the folks over at Bored Panda.

If these don’t make you smile you have no soul. Click on the first photo to scroll through the awesomeness.

Check out the Savannah Cat, man. Majestic like you read about. Savannah Cats are a cat breed that was started in the 1980’s. They were bred to give the impression of grandeur and dignity like a wild cat with a cheetah type appearance, and damned if it didn’t work. As you can see they have really expressive eyes, vibrant colors, huge ears and really long legs. They can live up to 20-years and can grow to nearly 20-inches tall. And get this – people have them as pets. Yes, they’re domesticated. In fact, they’re the world’s tallest domestic cat. That’s cool. Anywho, Savannah Cat.

Name a better Christmas gift than a puppy. You can’t.

Love. It. Click photo and scroll, ya filthy animal.*

*Home Alone reference.

Her name is Pierogi, and she is awesome.

[click and scroll]

Page Six: A dog ran amok at Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats” this week. Sources at the Neil Simon Theatre tell us an audience member’s service dog named Zeus “got away from its owner and ran after Bombalurina during the opening number.” Luckily, a fast-moving usher intervened and returned the wayward canine to its mortified owner. 

Listen, if you’re dumb enough to dress like a cat you deserve to be chased by a dog. Dude was just doing what dogs do – protecting his owner. He saw a giant cat running around up there and decided danger was afoot. I’m just sad that Zeus didn’t catch Bombalurina and end the show in bloodshed right then and there.

PS- Only these idiots would have a show called “Cats” and none called “Dogs.” Broadway, man.

PPS- I’d never go see “Cats” because there’s a scene where they come in the audience and sit on your lap. I’m afraid I’d punch one of the cats right in the throat.

Just another example of the wide-ranging topics covered at Shoe: Untied.

USA Today: New research finds dogs are far brainier than cats, with more than twice as many neurons in their cerebral cortexes. Dogs were also found to be more loyal, compassionate, loving and obedient.

OK, I added that second sentence myself. That doesn’t make it untrue though. Listen, anyone that this news surprises is an idiot. Of course dogs are smarter than cats. Ever see a cat lead a lost child out of the forest? Didn’t think so. When you come home a dog greets you at the door with his tail wagging. Cats? They stay upstairs planning on ways to murder you in your sleep. Dogs every day, every way.

Good boy. Never a second thought, just went to help because it was the right thing to do.

Best flight ever.