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HuffPost: Miniature therapy horses are basically magical creatures. One of them is even named Magic.

Magic went to visit a patient who had lived in an assisted-living facility and hadn’t spoken to anyone during her 3-years there. But the moment she laid eyes on Magic, she said, “Isn’t she beautiful?” It was a moment that changed this woman’s life, and was deeply affecting for the people who’d been caring for her, as well.

Magic always seems to find the person in the room who needs her the most. 

Hell yeah Magic does. She is magic after all. Who wouldn’t feel better after laying eyes on that little slice of heaven? Just look at her, giving emotional support to that guy up there. Hell yes he feels better. Magic is a true American heroine, man.

Come to think of it I could use a little Magic myself these days. Maybe I’ll look into having Magic over for some good old-fashioned pony therapy.

PS- Don’t tell Sparky about any of this.

PPS- Mom and Dad used to have miniature donkeys named Poncho and Lefty. They were cool. Dad saw a coyote harassing them one evening and he said Poncho kicked it about 20-feet across the pasture. Poncho was badass.

Not saying that she’s an alien. But she’s an alien.

David Blaine is a warlock.