NASA: Nothing To See Here, Just A Photo Of A Snake On Mars

Posted: September 22, 2016 in Animals, Interesting Photos, News, The Unknown

Here’s the story:

Times Union: Alien hunters have recently pointed out what appears to be a snake on Mars, claiming the reptile is capable of surviving the Red Planet’s harsh environment. The snake-like rock formation is one of hundreds of “discoveries” made every year by UFO enthusiasts. This time, however, the sighting of a snake has raised questions for conspiracy theorists concerned over the authenticity of NASA’s Mars rover operations. 


Rock formation schmock formation. That’s a snake, man. Just crawling around on Mars like a boss. And honestly, name something more scary than a race of Super Snakes getting ready to rain down snakey hell on the citizens of earth? You can’t.

Have a nice day.

PS: Wait until Trump gets hold of this information. Mars is about to get the living hell bombed out of it.


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