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Note: This is one of several “Best of Shoe: Untied” retreads I post from time-to-time. Basically I’m going to rerun some of my most popular articles according to comments and pageviews. If you’ve already read them, just move along, nothing to see here. However, if you’re one of my many new readers and haven’t seen some of my earlier stuff, this might be for you. What follows is probably the low point of this website , at least taste-wise. Yep, it’s my Top 5 Inapropriate Logos. My humble apologies in advance.

I was looking for a picture for my last blog and ran across some of these. I gotta tell you they’re just too good not to share. For instance, what genius approved this logo?See, that’s a building with a sun behind it, not a building sticking up some fat guy’s butt. Those wacky Asians are either trying to be funny or are incredibly naive. Or maybe just unobservant.

And here’s one that is a little unsettling. Yeah, you may not see it at first but when you do it’s a little jarring.

Yikes. As if the Catholics need this.

This one may take a second to see . . .

Wait. Just what kind of dancing are we talking about here?

Here’s a personal favorite.

Good God, what’s that snowman doing?

Oh, and I ran across this gem as well. This has gotta be San Francisco, right? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So there ya go. My Top 5 Inappropriate Logos. Shoe: Untied has hit a new low in the taste department. In addition, I hate myself right now.

Thank you and goodnight.