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A father and son duo has spent the last year brutally humiliating a 10-year-old Ohio girl with cerebral palsy, her parents have claimed – and they have video to prove it. Every day after school at the bus stop, William Bailey and his nine-year-old son Joseph slowly hobble from the school bus to their vehicle, limping with bent legs, in front of Hope Holcomb’s classmates. ‘Stop, please, try to be nice,’ Hope has asked them, weeping. Her grandmother filmed the pair mocking Hope, showing indisputable evidence of the mockery and cruelty she has been subjected to. ‘It makes me sick too, to think that a grown man would tease a 10-year-old disabled girl that has never done a thing to any of them for no reason, and now she doesn’t want to get on the bus to go to school,’ Mike Knight said to the station. Mr. Bailey ‘I love that little girl. I never even meant that or anything at all toward little Hope. I don’t make fun of anybody with a disability,’ he said to the Canton Rep. His wife Vickie Bailey defended his actions. ‘He did get out of the car, you’ve seen the video I am sure, my kid was walking like, but no offense to Hope so why they are taking it that way, I have no idea,’ Mrs Bailey said.

If I was this poor girl’s father I’m pretty sure I would end up incarcerated for what I’d do to William Bailey. Then I’d hire one of my 5th graders to take care of his son Joseph. Complete assclowns.