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Dude clearly never grew up in the country.


The stat line for Golden State’s Draymond Green, a game after kicking Oklahoma City’s Steven Adams in the groin: 6-points, 6-turnovers, 1 of 7 from the floor, 2-assists. Karma is a bitch, huh Draymond?


Listen, the last guy you want to try and bully is a guy in khakis and polo who’s unloading a U-Haul. That’s just Bullying 101 right there. I mean come on, nobody’s ever in a good mood when they’re unloading a truck anyway, amirite? Then some punk comes up and starts asking for trouble. Well, careful what you ask for, shirtless bro.

PS: Khaki Guy clearly told the thug to go, didn’t he? Poor guy shoulda listened, man. Now he’s dealing with severe head trauma. Sucks to be him.


Good for you man. Good for you.