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Let’s begin with my favorite E story. A few years ago he was asked to provide a quote for the dust jacket to Kurt Cobain’s posthumously published diaries. He complied, providing this quote: “Please don’t do this to me after I kill myself.” Needless to say, the blurb wasn’t used. Still, it helps provide a […]

As a kid, I practically grew up at my Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Myrl’s house, which was right up the road from where I lived. Myrl was the oldest of my father’s 7 brothers and sisters, and he had 8 kids including Keith, Kevin, and Mick who were all close to me in age. Since I had no brothers I was naturally drawn […]

NEW YORK (CBS NewYork) — Terrifying letters forced a New Jersey family to flee their new home, and what happened left residents in the quiet community more than a little unnerved. They paid $1.3 million for their “dream home” in the picturesque town of Westfield. They claim the previous owners were aware of a man […]

Newsweek- A man using a blowtorch to clear weeds in a mobile home community accidentally started a fire that forced dozens of residents to temporarily evacuate. The blaze began Wednesday around 5:15pm in Green Oak Township, Michigan, about 50-miles from Detroit. According to Fire Chief Kevin Gentry, when firefighters arrived it had already spread to […]

WALHALLA, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina woman who police say was driving drunk will not be cited with a DUI because her vehicle of choice was a toy truck. News outlets quote police as saying that instead they charged 25-year-old Megan Holman with public intoxication. They say they spotted her cruising down the road […]

Paris, TX- A runaway cow led Texas police on a miles-long chase through city streets and was caught on video hurdling over a pedestrian. The Paris Police Department said the young cow made a run for it while being loaded into a sale barn and police were called to help chase the runaway animal. A police dashboard […]

Source – A woman who married the ghost of a 300-year-old pirate claims the couple have split up. Amanda Teague married the Haitian pirate named Jack earlier this year. The wedding to her ‘soulmate’ took place on board a boat in international waters off the Irish coast. However the Irish Mirror reports the couple have called […]

Things sure have changed in 60-years. Sports, cars, education, fashion, TV, music, everything is so different. And the dynamics between men and women? Oh boy. And there is no better example of this than an article that was published in a 1958 McCall’s entitled “129 Ways to Find a Husband”. Trust me, looking back it’s […]

Oh Lord Jesus. From the website Quartzy: If being well is simply about feeling good in our bodies and using them as they are designed to be used, then there’s an emerging wellness trend that’s worth checking out, a practice that requires neither aspiration nor great motivation: lying on the ground outside. There’s even a […]

Here’s a pretty amazing video about Orcas. Check out these facts: 1. Orcas are not actually whales, but dolphins. 2. There are no recorded cases of Orcas killing humans in the wild, only in captivity. 3. Orcas take turns eating fish through a process called “Carousel Feeding.” Fascinating stuff. 4. Think you’re safe on land, […]

Know what I’m talkin’ ’bout, Willis? Yeah, I’m referring to WWI airplane technology, and it was wild stuff. Read on . . . See, during WWI (also known as The War to End All Wars, wishful thinking at its finest), airplanes were still a very new technology. Planes that could fly for extended periods of […]

Everyone knows what a palindrome is, right? Words or sentences that read the same both forwards and backwards? Like Mom or Dad? Race car? Yeah, those. Anyway, I’ve always been fascinated by them, partly because they’re cool and partly because they’re almost always funny. Why? I have no idea. My brain is weird. Anyway, here […]

Try and find a better headline writer. You can’t. Anyway . . . Source – A 19-year-old man who shot himself in the penis after allegedly holding up a South Side hotdog stand Tuesday won’t be going home when he’s released from the hospital. Terrion Pouncy was arrested at the Oak Lawn hospital not long […]

I’ve been interested in this stuff for years but have only recently started to actually read seriously about it. I’m sure you’re all somewhat familiar with it, because it’s been a popular subject in comics, TV shows and movies. We’ve all seen or read about people who stumbled upon a “portal” that they walk through […]

CBS – For several minutes, Ryan Hamilton watched as a blind man tried to hail a cab while Chicago Cubs fans poured out of Wrigley Field. The Chicago resident was on a rooftop across the street when he noticed thousands of people passing the man, who was holding a walking stick and waving his hand […]

So I ran across this nugget in a book I was reading the other day and found it quite fascinating. It seems that about 2,500 years ago some dude named Hanno the Navigator (cool name, man) became one of the first Europeans to see a band of gorillas. He had been sent off to explore Africa […]

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. —  An intruder who police say was wearing a SpongeBob outfit while standing over a sleeping woman was arrested Monday morning. It happened at around 7:15 a.m. Police responded to a home burglary call near 21st Avenue South and 7th Street.  A woman who had been asleep on her couch woke up to find […]

TAMPA, FL (WFLA) – Three people were injured during a dog attack Friday afternoon, according to Tampa Police. Police said a pit bull mix named Scarface attacked its owner and continue to attack other family members who tried to stop the attack. Brenda Guerrero went outside to put a sweater on the dog when it began […]

Ever heard of Rick Rescorla? Rick Rescorla not only saw 9/11 coming, but he told everyone he knew about his suspicions. Problem is, nobody who could do anything about it listened. And oh, by the way? Rick Rescorla saved 2,687 lives that day. Rick Rescorla was born in Britain but became an American citizen and […]

And so it continues. The clowns are getting more brazen, and Fleetwood Manor is the latest to face evidence of the COMING CLOWN HORDE. Here’s the story: GREENVILLE, S.C. — A note some Greenville County residents found on their apartment doors has them concerned for the safety of their neighborhood. Residents at Fleetwood Manor Apartments on […]

So I’m reading this book called Fordlandia, and it’s about a town and rubber factory that Henry Ford built deep in the Amazon back in 1928. I wrote about it in a blog called The Amazing Story of Fordlandia. Click the link if you so desire. Anyway, as I read I came across a little […]

Huffington Post: Isabelle Lassiter has a beef with a Japanese steakhouse in Tennessee, where a chef sprayed her in the face with a pee-pee doll in what her husband called a “sexual-style assault.” Lassiter said she and her family were dining at the Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse in Murfreesboro on Monday when a chef produced a plastic doll resembling […]

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Police say a woman died Wednesday after strong winds blew an anchored umbrella into her chest at the Oceanfront. Police have identified the woman as 55-year-old Lottie Michelle Belk, of Chester, Virginia. It has been determined that Belk’s death was accidental and was caused by penetrating blunt force chest trauma. According to […]

Chicago Tribune: The Roselle police report may not have captured all the color of the incident. It did, however, get to the heart of it. “Stopped for driving with a large tree embedded in the front grille,” the report reads. The tree was estimated to be about 15-feet tall. The incident took place about 11:10 […]

Years ago I had a summer job at Rocky Fork Lake State Park, which was about the best summer job ever. I did all sorts of stuff like mow grass, clean bathrooms and work on the garbage truck. We also got to go out on the lake and keep the water skiing areas clear of floating logs […]