In A Story As Old As Time, Sausage Dog And Seal Meet And Fall In Love

Posted: February 4, 2020 in Animals, Humor, Things I Love

The Metro- Meet Aayla the rescue seal and Stanley the two-year-old-dachshund, who met at the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, England. They met while Stanley’s owner, Melanie Talbot, was vacationing there. Despite being from different places, living in completely different environments, and the fact they’re totally different species, these two apparently had an instant connection.

Upon meeting, a curious Aayla swam right up to the window of her tank and pressed her nose to Stanley’s through the window. The pair then spent 20-minutes hanging out and posing for pictures.

Guess this proves you can’t stop love, huh? Two crazy kids run into each other at a Seal Sanctuary, and despite coming from different sides of the tracks and being two different species love blossoms like you read about. Oh, I’m sure they’ll have their detractors with the interspecies mingling and whatnot, but true love will not be denied, my friends. These lovebirds cannot, dare I say will not, be denied.

You be you, Aayla and Stanley. You be you.

PS- Cutest couple ever.

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