Meet Australian Cow Knickers, the Biggest Damn Cow You’ll Ever See

Posted: November 27, 2018 in Animals, Humor, Interesting Photos, Interesting Videos, Things I Love
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Australia, man. They’ve brought us the drunk pig that raised havoc as well as many more stories from the Land Down Under. Now, we have a giant, humongous, gargantuan cow named Knickers. Kids, this is a large cow. Take a gander . . .

No, children, that has not been photoshopped.  That’s a real steer, man. On a related note, if Knickers wants to take over the freakin’ barnyard he can do it in a heartbeat. Here’s a video:

Holy cow that’s a big side of beef. Good news though. Turns out Knickers is too big to be processed for burgers and is destined to live a life of grazing in the fields and living a life of contentment. Good news Knickers!

  1. thedan1337 says:

    Hey Knickers, I know withdrawal sucks, but ya gotta slow down on the bovine growth hormone. It’ll kill ya.

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