UPDATE: Drunk Australian Pig That Started Fight With Cow Killed In Car Accident

Posted: November 26, 2018 in Animals, Things I Love

Actually Swino.

Fraser Coast Chronicle: A boozy feral pig that shot to international fame after drinking 18-cans of beer, starting a fight with a cow and causing chaos at an Australian campsite has died in a car accident.

Local authorities confirmed that “Swino” had recently been hit by a passing vehicle in a remote stretch of the northern Pilbara region of Western Australia, adding that he had been identified by distinctive markings on the back of his ears.

It is not known if Swino had been drinking before the accident.

Wow, that last sentence was uncalled for, amirite? Poor Swino spends years trying to repair his damaged reputation after his drunken rampage and then the Fraser Coast Chronicle takes a cheap shot like that after he kicks the bucket. Sad really, even though he sort of hogged the spotlight for awhile. I wonder if they called the hambulance? Bottom line, this is quite a twist to the tale.  Rest in Peace, ya little porker.

PS- Get it? Twist to the tale? Tail? Never mind.

PPS- I hate myself right now.


  1. Canuckguy NB says:

    Too bad there wasn’t a video of this swine’s shenanigans.

  2. Mis Andrist says:

    I think I might love you.

  3. SJackson says:

    You should be!! 😀

  4. Ralph Schiff Stephens says:

    You should write the ewelogy. Ok. Baaaaad joke.

  5. Anthony Brown-Hovelt says:

    An Assie with a sense of humour! love it. or are you a closet pom? just wondered, as you felt you needed to explain the joke! Well, pun really!

  6. David Mclean says:

    Yea that’s nothing ..I have a pet pig that lives up bush comes down every night for beers and munchies ..Prob is when Im not at home she has decided to raid all my neighbours beer fridges and get on the grog by herself ..so far has stolen 2 ..30 packs of vb .1 1/2 30 packs of xxxx half a gooney of port ..18 carlton draft a 12 pack of coke and a 6 pack of ginger beer ..THAT I know of ..Mrs Fugly is costing me a bloody fortune replacing all she has stolen …Might have to go in a hungi if she keeps up this behaviour ..But she hasn’t had a blue with a cow YET ..Shes usually to pissed to fight and just passes out ..then don’t see her for a couple of days ..probably bad hangovers especially after the Port raid ..Cheers Dave

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