Nobody Shows Up To Kid’s Birthday, Internet Predictably Overreacts

Posted: October 26, 2018 in Humor, Kids, Opinion, Parenting

Tucson: It was a sad showing for a 6-year-old boy’s birthday party in Arizona.

Teddy’s mom says they invited 32 of his classmates to a pizza party for his birthday in Tucson Sunday afternoon.

But no one showed up at Peter Piper Pizza restaurant.

Social media was flooded with messages of support and Teddy’s story caught the attention of some big names in the sports world.

The Phoenix Suns invited Teddy to come watch Wednesday night’s game against the Lakers.

Listen, I’m glad little Teddy got to go to the Suns game, I really am. But something smells fishy here. Anytime 32 kids turn down an invite for free pizza something is amiss, folks. My first guess is that Teddy is a little asshole and nobody likes him. Hey, I taught for 30-years, I know stuff. Secondly, what kind of a parent asks their kid to pose for a photo at an empty table and then post it on social media? A parent that wants attention, that’s what kind. Trust me, there’s more to this story, man.

PS- My parents would have never thrown a birthday party for me like that, but it they did and nobody showed they’d have blamed me and asked why the hell I didn’t have any friends.

PPS- Teddy went to the Suns game. Not sure if he found a friend to go with him, but I know the Suns lost. Teddy is a bad seed.

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