The New Social Media Humblebrag: Being “Blessed”

Posted: August 30, 2018 in Opinion, Social Media

“Da hell?”

Everyone is familiar with the social media folks who are always pulling the old humblebrag schtick, amirite? I wrote about this in the blog Facebook, Twitter and the Art of the Humblebrag  and yes, it was a classic. Here’s an excerpt from that gem:

Here’s a humblebrag I read the other day:

“Took some homemade cookies over to the Snortlik’s this morning. I know they’re grieving and food always helps.”

This one is fairly common. Somebody is going through a terrible tragedy and you get humblebraggers trying to inject themselves into the situation to get attention. And guess what? It works. You usually see responses from unwitting enablers saying things like, “Oh, you’re so sweet for doing that!” which is exactly the response the humblebragger was looking for. And oh, by the way, if you were a really good person you wouldn’t announce what you did on social media. Another common humblebrag is when people post things like, “I feel so ugly today!” or “I hate it when people stare at me. So rude!” Uh, it’s pretty clear what sort of responses they’re looking for, right?

I recently noticed another phenomenon has reared its ugly head, and that is the “blessed” social media user. Everywhere we look we see it:

“Check out my new Hyundai Accent!” #blessed

“Blessed to announce I’ve decided to accept a scholarship to Southeastern Texas University of South Dakota South Central after narrowing it down from 27 schools!”

[posts photo from beach in the Dominican Republic] #blessed!

I got a 4.0 this semester! #blessed!

[posts photo of rock hard abs] “Hard work pays off!” #blessed!

“Today I gave a homeless man a sandwich, volunteered at a leper hospital, and rescued a homeless baby kitten from a drainpipe.” #blessed!

But have you been “blessed” or are you “bragging”?

If you say you are blessed, I’m assuming you believe your situation has been all a part of God’s plan, right? That God has blessed you? That you’re being rewarded for being a good person?

But aren’t people sometimes just lucky?

“Hey! I hit the lottery!” #blessed


I guess what these people are saying is that the all-powerful, all-knowing absolute deity of the universe has focused on their well-being more than others because they are just that terrific?

I also wonder about the person who worked just as hard as you did and didn’t get that big reward—if you’re so blessed, is he or she cursed? Because in order for you to be so special there must be people who are not so special. That means that you must consider your life to be better than others in some way, right?


And if being able to get into those old jeans again make you “blessed” doesn’t that minimize more meaningful blessings like the birth of a healthy baby or recovering from a disease? Hell, I once saw a Twitter pic someone posted of her ass with no comment, just “#blessed”. Really? I guess God doesn’t bless a woman with a small booty?

And really, if you truly care about others and wish to add value to their well-being, why is there a need to proclaim that you’re blessed? Is anyone following me here? Bueller? Bueller?


Finally, are we even using the word “blessed” correctly? Do we really even know what we’re saying? Let’s take a look at what the word actually means:


Oops. That sort of changes everything, doesn’t it? So you were made holy by that new condo in the Ozarks? You were consecrated by your new rock hard glutes? No, I didn’t think so.

So let’s pump the brakes on all this “blessed” talk, everybody. Maybe throw in a “grateful” or a “thankful” instead. Sweet mercy.


Gimme a holler.

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