Cool Animal of the Day: The Electric Disco Clam

Posted: July 19, 2018 in Animals, Interesting Photos, Interesting Videos, Nature, Things I Love, WTF?

The Electric Disco Clam is also known as the Electric Flame Scallop, which incidentally are two of the most fabulous animal names these ears have heard. This awesome clam was given these names because its soft tissues flash light like a goddamned freakin’ disco ball. Nature, just doin’ it up big time per usual. The Electric Disco Clam has the distinction of being the only clam known to man to have light displays. And get this – research has shown that the apparent light display is not a bioluminescence phenomenon but is instead coming from reflection of the sun or diver’s lights. That’s cray-cray man. Anywho, Electric Disco Clam.

Note: If you don’t watch that video down below you have no sense of adventure and are a spineless yellow-bellied sapsucker that’s sure to be doomed to a life of bored detachment.

Gimme a holler.

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