Here Are My 22 Favorites from the Best Comic Ever – The Far Side

Posted: May 13, 2018 in Humor, Things I Love
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Gary Larson, circa 1986

When you look back at pop culture, you can occasionally follow history back to points where everything changed, to the points that paved the way for everything that came after, the people that introduced their audiences to a strange new way of thinking that eventually becomes the new standard. Think The Beatles, All in the Family or The Sugarhill Gang.

Well, in the world of comics we’re talking about The Far Side. The Far Side ran from January 1st, 1980 to January 1st, 1995 when Gary Larson, to the dismay of his fans, retired.

Larson introduced an entire generation to the surreal, random, and occasionally very dark humor that would become part of the language that we all speak. Oh, and he also included a lot of animals, which I dearly loved.

Larson could be really edgy, and for this reason was banned from several newspapers. Was some of his stuff inappropriate? Oh yeah. But was it funny? Hell yes.

But enough of this chatter. Let’s take a look at what I consider to be some of his best stuff. I’ll refrain from commenting and let the awesomeness speak for itself.

[click to enlarge]





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