Cool Animal of the Day: The Plover Bird

Posted: April 2, 2018 in Animals, Nature, Things I Love
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Check out the Plover Bird, man. Little dude is just sitting in that croc’s mouth like a boss. Fearless like you read about. Here’s the dilly – after a meal of a warthog, a bird or maybe a fisherman from a nearby village a crocodile will mosey up onto the bank and sit there with its mouth open. This action signals the little Plover Bird to enter the crocodile’s mouth and pick off tiny bits of food that remain in the huge reptile’s teeth. See, old food can cause infections and whatnot in the croc’s mouth. This is called a Symbiotic Relationship between animals, because both benefit from it. The Plover Bird gets a meal and the crocodile gets a free dental check-up and teeth cleaning. In addition, if the Plover Bird senses danger it lets out a screech and bolts, warning the croc something is nearby. Nature, man. Doin’ it up big per usual. Anywho, Plover Bird.

Gimme a holler.

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