Cool Animal of the Day: The African Buttikofer Epaulatted Fruit Bat

Posted: November 26, 2017 in Animals, Nature, Things I Love, WTF?
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Oh sweet Jesus no. Nope. Oh HELL naw. Good Lord almighty that’s chilling to gander at. But yes kids, this nightmare fuel is a real, honest-to-God living creature. Speaking of God, he had to be just messing with is with this guy, huh? “Hey, I’m in a weird mood today. Think I’ll create a flying wolf.” Anyway, this dude lives in Africa and feeds mostly on fruit, toddlers and the occasional drunken native stumbling home from the local watering hole. Seriously, they say just fruit but color me skeptical. I mean, look at this guy. Anywho, African Buttikofer Epaulatted Fruit Bat.

  1. Rhonda Hunt says:

    I want one! It’s so cute! (well, so ugly it’s cute)


    OH HELL NAH! if IM seeing that at Night I’m gonna Just Run away!

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