Cool Animal of the Day: The Laysan Albatross

Posted: September 15, 2017 in Animals, Interesting Videos, Nature, Things I Love

Let’s begin will the coolest fact of all – Laysan Albatrosses mate for life. Boom. Man that’s impressive. And get this – the Laysan Albatross can glide over the open oceans for hours without a single freakin’ flap. Dudes just glide like you read about, and their long wings carry them hundreds of miles in a day’s time.
These cool birds live to be really old too. At last count, the world’s oldest Laysan Albatross had reached the age of 66. One last thing – when Laysan Albatrosses court they perform a pretty amazing mating ritual, making mooing noises and clicking their bills together. That’s cool, man. Insanity. Anyhoo, Layton Albatross.

[I demand that you watch the video below because it’s awesome]

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