Cool Animal of the Day: The Pygmy Whale

Posted: September 13, 2017 in Animals, Interesting Photos, Nature, Things I Love

Check out the Pygmy Whale, man. Seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Pygmy Whale? Sorta the opposite of Jumbo Shrimp. Anyway, little dude is cute like you read about. At birth they are about 4-feet in length but mature to around 11-feet. Adults weigh about 880 lbs. They are hardly ever spotted at sea due to their preference to remain in off-shore waters, cause they’re shy like that. Since Pygmy Whales don’t have the size advantage that their cousins do when faced with danger, they had to come up with a unique defense strategy. When faced with a predator attack from dolphins or sharks, the Pygmy Whale will secrete an anal syrup into the water. Yes, I just typed the words anal syrup and I can’t apologize enough. The little whale then stirs up the water with its fins to create a giant poo cloud in which it can take cover in. That’s just wild, not to mention disgusting, but the photos below prove it. Anyhoo, Pygmy Whale.

Pygmy Whale as compared to human.


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