The Amazing Story of the “Jim Twins”

Posted: August 12, 2017 in Amazing and Interesting Stories, WTF?

If you haven’t heard this story it’s a must-read. It really makes you ask a lot of questions, trust me. Read on . . .

Unlike most identical twins, Jim Springer and Jim Lewis share a first name instead of a last. You see, the two were separated at birth and were adopted by separate families who, by coincidence, named their sons James.

And so began their parallel lives. Springer and Lewis shared not only a first name, but amazing as it may sound they shared more or less the same life, independent of one another, until their reunion 39-years after the initial separation.

Growing up in different homes, both were aware that they had a twin brother. Springer’s mother told him his twin had died, while Lewis had been told of his sibling but simply wasn’t interested in meeting him.

In 1977, that changed. It happened when Lewis, then 37, decided to track down his brother. He found Springer’s name through a local courthouse, and eventually the two of them spoke over the phone. They agreed to meet, and they did on February 9th, 1979.

Once they got to talking, they were stunned to learn about the unbelievable, shocking similarities between them. Believe it or not, the following is true . . .

  • Both were adopted by families living in Ohio and grew up within only 45-miles of each other.
  • Both had childhood dogs they named “Toy.”
  • Both were married twice — first to women named Linda, and then to women named Betty.
  • Both had children — including sons named James Allen.
  • Both lived in the only house on their block.
  • Both were chain-smokers, enjoyed beer, and had woodworking shops in their garages.
  • Both drove Chevrolets.
  • Both served as sheriffs in their separate Ohio counties.

The Jim twins, as they’re now called, were perfect candidates for behavioral research. They were tested, and in one test measuring personality, the twins’ scores were so close that it may well have been the same person taking the test both times. Their brain-wave tests were similarly near-identical, as were their medical histories.

Unbelievable really.

It’s hard to believe that two men, growing up separately, could end up so very much alike. Thoughts anyone?

Gimme a holler.

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