Grizzly Bear Decides to Chill by Some Dude, Dude Shows Surprising Poise

Posted: August 6, 2017 in Animals, Interesting Videos

UPI- A man sitting at the edge of an Alaska river to capture images of nature was startled to be joined by a relaxed bear that enjoyed the view at his side. Anchorage photographer Drew Hamilton said he was photographing bears playing in the McNeil River when another bear, which apparently just woke up, approached his spot. Video captured by Hamilton shows the bear casually walk up and plop down next to the chair Hamilton set up next to the river.
Hamilton said he and the bear watched the other bears together for a short time until the larger mammal decided to join its brethren in the water.

I swear to God this cat must be the chillest bro to ever walk this planet earth of ours. A 1,000 pound killing machine with razorblade claws and fangs saunters up and takes a seat, and this guy casually films it with his damn cell phone. Of course, I guess running down into the river with the other bears would’ve been a bad idea too. Either way, if it woulda been me it wouldn’t have mattered. I would have keeled over dead the instant I turned around. Even watching the video I was waiting for the bear to turn, make a leap at the dude and rip him to shreds. Jeebus.

PS- Anyone dumb enough to sit on a riverbank watching grizzly bears swim deserves to be eaten.


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