Life’s New Fears

Posted: July 13, 2017 in Assclowns, Things I Hate

There are things you have to worry about in 2017 that you didn’t have to worry about 30-years ago, ya know? And I’m not talking about stuff like terrorists and mass murderers either. By the way, guys like Charles Manson and Ted Bundy were out and about when I was a youngblood, so those types of dudes aren’t new at all.

Anyway, you know what one of my biggest fears is? Being hit by some idiot who’s texting while driving. I swear to God, every time I have to stop to make a turn I look in my rearview mirror, dreading the moment some idiot bears down on me at 70 mph with their head buried in their damn phone.

It almost happened the other day as I was stopped, waiting for oncoming traffic to go by before I turned into my parent’s driveway. Fortunately I looked in my rearview, saw the nitwit approaching way too fast, and pulled quickly off to the right as the guy hit his brakes and screeched by me sideways down the road. True story man.

Honestly, how many people do you see every day stopped at a light or even driving down the highway, head down as they look at their phone? I know I see several a day easily.

I have a GPS app on my phone that won’t let me type if the car is moving. Why can’t all phones have this built in? Something must be done, people!

PS- I was driving back from Michigan a few weeks ago and passed a woman on the freeway who was watching a movie. Damn iPad was propped right there on her steering wheel. Pure insanity. 


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