Anna’s Banana Peels: Short Stories of Humble Happenings

Posted: July 13, 2017 in Humor, Words

Here’s the latest from Anna, our guest contributor. Enjoy!

The other day I entered a small boutique in the cute little suburban city where we live. A nice young lady greeted me and offered her assistance:

Hello, how are you?” 

This was followed by:

Are you looking for something pacific?

Now listen, I had a mouth full of a post workout drink called The Dave (a story for another time). At any rate, mouth full, thanking the good Lord I had my back to her as I cleansed my sinuses with my post workout drink, I thought to myself, “No, I am not looking for something pacific.” I’m assuming she meant specific but irregardless (lol), I thanked her and went about my business.

But wait, I thought, what if she meant pacific and I am the ignorant one and I don’t know what that means! Now I am questioning everything my English teachers Susan Luke, Susan Iseman, and Wendy Royse ever learnt me.

Seriously though, I’m a little concerned about the emoji generation. We have gone past millennial and straight to THE EMOJI GEN!


Gimme a holler.

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