The Day Actor Bill Paxton Saw JFK: 11/22/63

Posted: July 10, 2017 in Amazing and Interesting Stories

You all know actor Bill Paxton, right? Just died in February? He was in movies like Titanic, Apollo 13 and Twister. Anyway, in one of life’s odd little happenstances, when Bill Paxton was 8-years old he was 20-feet from President John F. Kennedy just 4-hours before he was assassinated. It seems Paxton’s dad took him and his brother to see the president that fateful morning (and the night before as you can hear in the video below) and a photograph was taken. This is that photograph. Amazing, really. Damn, I love these weird little stories.

Bill’s the little guy on somebody’s shoulders. Yep, that looks like him alright.



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