Finally, a reason to like Golden State.

Posted: June 13, 2017 in Humor, News, Sports

UPDATE: This may actually be fake news because it hasn’t happened yet.

AOL: It hasn’t been a full 24-hours since the Warriors became the 2017 NBA champions on Monday night, and the Golden State team has already opted out of a visit to the White House.

Somebody’s about to catch Twitter hell.

2017 MVP Kevin Durant led the Warriors to their second title in three years on Monday night when Golden State took down LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120. According to several reports, the Warriors unanimously decided soon after their victory celebrations that they would not visit President Donald Trump at the White House to commemorate their championship win.

“NBA champion Warriors skipping the White House visit, as a unanimous team decision per reports,” CNBC’s Josh Brown tweeted on Tuesday morning.

This certainly lessens the sting a little, amirite fellow pansy-ass bleeding heart liberals? Well, they are from the wacky left coast, so that explains a lot. Unanimous, though. That’s a true team right there. Meanwhile, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue . . .



Gimme a holler.

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