Nothing to Be Alarmed About, But Frogs Are Growing Into the Size of Labrador Retrievers in Texas

Posted: June 9, 2017 in Animals, Nature, WTF?

(Fox News) – A man in Texas caught a monster-sized frog, and the photos are going viral online.

According to the South Texas Hunting Association’s Facebook page, Markcuz Rangel is the man who captured the giant bullfrog last Wednesday. The frog was caught in a fishing pond in Batesville in south Texas. A spokesman for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department told the Houston Chronicle that the photo is real and not photoshopped. 

“It’s not as big as it appears,” spokesman Steve Lightfoot said. “Still a big bullfrog, though.”

This is how the South Texas Hunting Association captioned the photo on Facebook: “Wanted to share a monster bullfrog we got yesterday afternoon at one of our fishing ponds in South Texas! 13 lb monster frog!”

Holy hell, man, that thing looks like it could eat a baby. And to the people who say it’s an optical illusion, let me remind you of all the settlers who thought grizzly bears weren’t real in 1789. Then again, I may be biased. I’ve been having nightmares since I saw this movie when I was a little kid:

They don’t make ’em like that anymore, my friends.

PS- Does that frog have dreadlocks?


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