Tornado Approaches, Canadian Badass Continues to Mow Lawn

Posted: June 4, 2017 in Great Photographs, Humor, Interesting Photos, Nature, Things I Love

ALBERTA, Canada (KWQC) – Theunis Wessels is a man who likes to finish what he starts.

On Friday evening, he began mowing his lawn in the town of Three Hills and kept mowing even as a towering tornado appeared in the distance. When his wife, Cecilia, saw him cutting the grass with the tornado at his back, she snapped a dramatic photo.

Theunis took the tornado in stride and said he was “keeping an eye on it” while he continued to mow.

While there was property damage in the area, there are no reports of injuries from the tornado.

Monster tornado heading your way? No problem. man. Theunis Wessels has a lawn to mow. Hey, he was keeping an eye on it. And how badass is his wife Cecilia? While most people would be running for their lives to the cellar, she grabs her phone to take a picture of her hubby as he laughs in the face of disaster. Canadians, man. They don’t give a damn about nuthin’.

PS- The only thing that would make this photo better would be a beer in that dude’s hand. 


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