Finally, it looks like Trump’s getting some good advice.

Posted: April 20, 2017 in Humor, Interesting Photos, Politics
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Well, it’s about damn time The Donald is getting some good advice. Hey, his Healthcare bill failed, and even though he controls the House and Senate that fail was the pesky Democrat’s fault. Anywho, that’s all in the past because help has arrived. In a move I rank right up there with Jimmy Carter having Charlie Daniels into the White House, The Donald has brought the high-powered political triumvirate of Kid Rock, Sarah Palin and the Motor City Madman himself, Mr. Ted Nugent into his circle of power. Rest well, America. Our country is in good hands.

PS- Seriously, of the four people in that photo below I’d take Kid Rock as president in a heartbeat. At least Uncle Kracker would have his ear.


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