Let’s Compare Super Bowl Champion White House Visits

Posted: April 19, 2017 in Humor, Politics

Check out the turnouts for the Patriot’s last two White House visits, man. And where the hell was Brady today? I thought he was a Trump guy. That’s sad, man. Listen, I don’t know what this says about our reality TV show star turned leader of the free world, but I do know that was an embarrassing effort by the Pats at the White House today. The Donald is our president, man. Show some respect.

PS- I hate the Patriots, but I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t go either. On a related note, it sorta reminds me of the inauguration crowd comparisons. That photo is below, too. SAD!

PPS- Honestly, I have no idea what this means but I find it hilarious because you know how much Trump hates it. He probably already has his boy Spicer ready to spin that it was the most well-attended Super Bowl Champ visit ever. 


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