Ever heard of Migingo Island?

Posted: April 6, 2017 in Interesting Photos, Interesting Videos

Because it is wild, man. Migingo Island is a tiny island in the middle of Lake Victoria, which is one of the Great Lakes of Africa in Kenya. By tiny I mean tiny, because it’s size is just under half an acre. The official 2009 Census said the population is 131, but most people say it’s closer to 500. Listen, I’m no expert but 500 people seems like a lot for under half an acre. The little island is also home to four bars, a pharmacy, a beauty salon, and a number of brothels. Wait. There are a number of brothels on an island half the size of a football field? Da hell? There are also a couple of hotels but I’m guessing they ain’t the Ritz-Carlton.

Anyhoo, the island is “teeming” with Nile Perch, and to sell the fish is profitable. People on the island make up to 5-times more than the average Kenyan, hence the boatloads of people.*

*See what I did there?

The island only has one bathroom and you have to pay for it, so most folks just take care of business in the lake. That’s disgusting, man. On a related note, they also wash their dishes there. Good God.

One final thought – I don’t want to sound like a jackass here, but, uh, there’s a huge green, almost empty island right next to you guys. What’s the deal?

Note – Seriously, I have to find out what the deal is. Maybe it’s private property? No fears, my crack staff here at Shoe: Untied is on it.

Anyhoo, check out these photos. Incredible, man. There’s also a video down there too, because I am awesome.



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