So How Many People Did The Rifleman Actually kill?

Posted: April 1, 2017 in Death, Things I Love, TV

You all know my love for the old TV series The Rifleman. Lucas McCain fights for all that is righteous, man. On a whim I decided to research how many bad guys Lucas killed in the 4 1/2 year duration of the show. The answer? 120. That’s 2.5 per episode. And of course, somebody documented them all in the video below. Yikes! Other Rifleman fun facts:

Chuck Conners, who played The Rifleman, played both professional baseball and basketball.

Johnny Crawford, who played the son of his widowed father Lucas in the show, began his career as a Mouseketeer.

Finally, I owned the Rifleman toy as a kid. Thanks Mom and Dad! 

Anyway, check out all of The Rifleman’s kills. Wild stuff.

BONUS VIDEO: Rifleman Outtakes! Good stuff!

  1. Cornel Oaida says:

    Hi, I didn’t see the one where he killed Sammy Davis Jr (Tip Corey) in season 4 episode 21. I think there are some others that are missing. I estimated around 150 kills but some day I’ll watch them and take the count. Love the video and the rifle looks cool. Thanks man.

  2. Clarence Rawls says:

    How in the world did Lucas McCain wrestler with Abe Lincoln in the 1880s and he died in 1865 ??????

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