So Trump’s Wall May Not Be An Actual Wall?

Posted: March 30, 2017 in Politics

So the cold, harsh reality of building a wall between Mexico and ‘Merica is now hitting the Trumpster and his appointees right in the grillmix. Here’s what Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke had to say recently:

The border is complicated, as far as building a physical wall. The Rio Grande, what side of the river are you going to put the wall? We’re not going to put it on our side and cede the river to Mexico. And we’re probably not going to put it in the middle of the river.”

He added that the physical features of some areas make the border difficult to cross and actually make a wall unnecessary.

Unnecessary? That kind of talk will get your ass fired, Ryan Zinke!

So let me get this straight. If we build the Trump Wall on the U.S. side, we’re basically giving the Rio Grande to Mexico. Hell, that won’t do. And if it’s built on Mexico’s side they’ll have to build it, which they won’t do because the whole wall idea wasn’t theirs in the first place. In addition, we can’t build it in the middle of the damn river, for God’s sake. Then again, the Trump Wall doesn’t have to be a physical wall, right? Maybe it can be a mental wall? That might work. But hey, some areas don’t need a wall because the Rio Grande is, you know, too tough to get across anyway.

Damn, I’m confused.

What to do, man? What to do?



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