Hate Spiders? Don’t Read This.

Posted: March 29, 2017 in Animals, Fun Facts, Nature

Fact: Spiders could theoretically eat every human on earth in one year. Want more? No? Sorry, here goes . . .

Spiders are quite literally all around us. A recent survey of North Carolina homes turned up spiders in 100% of them, including 68% of bathrooms and more than 75% of bedrooms. In addition, soak up this horrifying truth – there’s a good chance at least one spider is staring at you right now, where you sit, sizing you up from a darkened corner of the room, eight eyes glistening in the shadows.

Chills, man.

Spiders mostly eat insects, although some of the larger species have been known to snack on lizards, birds and even small mammals. Given their abundance and the voraciousness of their appetites, two European biologists recently wondered: If you were to tally up all the food eaten by the world’s entire spider population in a single year, how much would it be?

Their estimate was published in the journal Science of Nature earlier this month, and the number they arrived at is a tad jarring. The world’s spiders consume somewhere between 400-million and 800-million tons of prey in any given year. That means that spiders eat at least as much meat as all 7-billion humans on the planet combined, who the authors note consume about 400-million tons of meat and fish each year.

Or, for a slightly more disturbing comparison, the total mass of all adult humans on Earth is estimated to be 287-million tons. Even if you tack on another 70 million-ish tons to account for the weight of kids, it’s still not equal to the total amount of food eaten by spiders in a given year, exceeding the total weight of humanity.

In other words, spiders could eat all of us and still be hungry.

Sweet Mother of God, man.

And as I did some research for this article, I found a couple more interesting tidbits:

  • The mass of every spider on Earth today is equivalent to 478 Titanics.
  • It would take approximately 2,000 pounds of spiders to consume a 200-pound man in one day.

Woot! Good to know I guess?


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