Michael Jordan’s “The Ceiling is the Roof!” Explained

Posted: March 28, 2017 in News, Opinion, Sports, WTF?
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For the past few weeks people have been going crazy about Michael Jordan’s proclamation after a North Carolina game that, “The ceiling is the roof!” He was at mid-court speaking to the crowd at the time, by the way.

Jordan has been getting pummelled and ridiculed in social media and on sports talk shows for making such a nonsensical statement. Nobody can seem to make sense of it, and my question is this:


Makes perfect sense to me. See, people are always saying certain players, or programs, have a ceiling, meaning they can only get to a certain point at which they achieve their maximum potential. They can then go no further.

Well, Jordan, who was at a basketball game but was actually talking about NC football, was saying that the program can go higher than they’re expected to, that their ceiling could actually their roof.

Is that really too difficult to understand?


Gimme a holler.

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