Giant Chicken Will Surely Kill Us All

Posted: March 21, 2017 in Animals, Humor, Interesting Videos, WTF?

So this video of a giant chicken has been making the rounds of us in-the-know internet moguls, and I have to say it’s terrifying. I swear to God when that thing emerged from that chicken door I screeched like a 6-year old girl. I mean, birds of all kinds have to be shaking in their feathers right now. I’m talking ostriches, penguins, the entire bird kingdom. That’s one badass giant bird bro, bro. If this dude decides to come after everyone who has ever had a McNugget we’re all screwed. Seriously though, before the big Animal Revolt that I’ve predicted for years occurs we need to kill this beast.

PS – I guess those people that don’t think chickens evolved from dinosaurs have another think coming, amirite? Jeebus. 

PPS – Imagine the meal that bird would provide. Wings for days, man.

PPPS – Waiting for the first know-it-all to post this: “Don’t you know that’s a Brahma Chicken? They’re all that big.” Yes, I know. Shut it.


Gimme a holler.

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