“Inappropriate Behavior” Forces Cancellation of Bingo at Senior Center

Posted: March 17, 2017 in Humor, News, WTF?

HOLYOKE, MA: Banging on doors, yelling, threatening to egg cars. Frat house? Nope. Holyoke Senior Center, at least according to one official.

“The Friday bingo mindset seems to infect people who behave rationally all other days of the week,” said Navae Fenwick Rodriguez, executive director of the Holyoke Council on Aging (COA).

Alleged bad behavior by senior citizens prompted Rodriguez to announce last week she was reducing the number of times bingo will be held at the Senior Center at 291 Pine St. to two Fridays a month from the current four a month. 

The accusations of fraternity house rowdiness were met with denials and skepticism, but Rodriguez nonetheless said in an email sent to a city councilor that the clamor includes:

  • Senior citizens banging on doors of other rooms at the facility;
  • Sneaking people in for lunch when a ticket is required;
  • Being rude to staff and volunteers;
  • Leaving the room a mess;
  • Threatening to egg the vehicles of staff and volunteers upon learning bingo regularity was in jeopardy.

The alleged boorishness seems to stem from senior citizens impatient to enter the multipurpose room where bingo is held and then rushing in to compete for seats at tables with friends, Rodriguez said in the email.

Bingo organizer Lorraine Gorham acknowledged seniors display an eagerness to get seated in a desired location to ensure they’ll enjoy their spot during the hours-long event, but she said she is unfamiliar with the situation as described by Rodriguez.

“They just want to get in there and sit down,” she said. “She’s putting this way out of context. It is not that bad. I am there 90% of the time and I have not seen anything like that.”

“We have been dealing with inappropriate behavior at Friday bingo since before we moved to our new senior center. For some reason, bingo seems to bring out the worst in people,” Rodriguez said. 

Listen, as far as I’m concerned Navae Fenwick Rodriguez can go straight to hell. She was probably that kid that was always running to the teacher telling on little Dave Bobby who had a cheat sheet up his Twin Tigers hoodie shirt sleeve. What a loser. Everyone knows how important it is to get to your favorite seat on Bingo Night. That’s sacred, man. And hey, cancelling two bingo games a month calls for drastic measures. I’d threaten to egg her car too. Fight this battle to the end, Lorraine Gorham. The world is with you.

PS- Navae Fenwick Rodriguez, you’re now at the top of the Holyoke Senior Citizens list, a bad, bad place to be. Better watch your back or you’ll get a cane to the back of your skull. Reap what you sow and all that.


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