U of Minnesota Replacing King and Queen with “Royals”, Probably Save Country in the Process

Posted: March 14, 2017 in Things I Hate, WTF?, Wussification of America

SourceThe University of Minnesota has done away with the traditional Homecoming King and Queen titles and replaced them with the gender-neutral “Royals” term.

Taking it one step further, University of Minnesota officials also pointed out that the winners don’t even have to be one biological male and one biological female, stating on its website: “‘Royals’ … can be any combination of any gender identity.”

Campus officials called the change a move “toward gender inclusivity” that promotes “a spirit of inclusion at the University of Minnesota.”

Whew. Thank God this has been cleared up. For years schools all over the country have been electing homecoming kings and queens willy-nilly as chaos ruled the day. Well, after years of suffering and senselessness, the powers-that-be in Golden Gopher Land have set things right. Thank God for them.

PS – Seriously, what a waste of time. Why not just let a gay man run for queen or a gay woman run for king? Who the hell cares? And how long before the University of Minnesota rids itself of this insensitive Golden Gopher mascot? It’s offensive to gophers everywhere, man! On a related note, the wussification continues . . .



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