The Diabolical Dolphins

Posted: March 7, 2017 in Animals, Nature, Things I Love
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Dolphins, man. So intelligent. There are a bunch of ways they exhibit this, including what they did in an amazing story that came out of California a few years ago. Seems some employees at Seaworld came up with the idea of training their dolphins to pick up trash that had been dropped into their enclosure. They would give a fish to any dolphin that brought a candy bar wrapper or any other piece of trash to them. Then one day while cleaning the pool, a scuba diver found a bunch of trash jammed up under an overhang. After further observation, it was found that the dolphins were stashing the trash and giving it to the trainers when they were hungry. Turns out the dolphins were training the trainers.

Wow. That involved some planning, amirite?

Then, a couple of years ago scientists noticed some weird behavior in the shallow waters off the coast of Florida. They first noticed a dolphin swimming in circles while dragging its tail on the ocean floor, kicking up a wall of sand. Trying to figure out what the hell was going on, they put a close watch on the dolphins in the area. Here’s what they found out – the dolphins would gather, and the lead dolphin would do the tail dragging routine. Then, the other dolphins would gather around the circle created by the lead dolphin. Scientists call it a “mud net.” Why would they do this, you ask? Because the fish trapped inside the circle would leap over the wall trying to escape. When they did, the dolphins were there waiting to catch the fish in their mouths.

That’s diabolical, man. It also involved planning and teamwork. Here’s a video of their trickery:

In conclusion, Dolphins, man.


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