Massachusetts Cops End “High Five” Program for Reasons I Cannot Grasp

Posted: February 23, 2017 in Fails, Opinion, WTF?, Wussification of America
Looks like a horrible idea.

Looks like a horrible idea.

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (AP) – A Massachusetts police department’s program that sent officers into elementary schools one day a week to high five and fist bump students has been ended because some people complained.

Northampton Chief Jody Kasper says “High Five Friday” was started in December as a way to foster better relationships between police and children.

But some people questioned the program’s effectiveness and worried that it might upset some children, for example those in the U.S. illegally or those who have previously had negative experiences with law enforcement.

The chief tells The Daily Hampshire Gazette that parents were informed about the events beforehand and children were never forced to participate. She called the program’s demise “frustrating.”

Frustrating? FRUSTRATING? How about idiotic? We’ve become so thin-skinned as a nation that we’re worried about making little kids nervous who’ve had bad experiences with the po-po? And we don’t wanna upset the little illegal immigrants or kids who’ve run afoul with the law, now do we? Damn it, Trump! I thought you were gonna fix this crap.

  1. Ben says:

    That’s worse than thin skinned. The article didn’t mention the fact that the city itself is almost 90% white. I’m a full fledged, bleeding heart, liberal left wing democrat and complaining about this is just a bit much. Not just a bit, it is asinine AF. Although i can’t read minds, I’d be willing to bet the groups of kids they pointed out as possibly being uncomfortable probably didn’t even think about it much, if at all. If these kids were in a high crime neighborhood and had an officer at the school all day everyday then what? This is silly. So silly it almost borders on satire in my eyes.

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