Kid Insists on Dressing as Clown in Family Photo, Result is Spectacularly Terrifying

Posted: February 15, 2017 in Funny Photos, Humor, Interesting Photos, Kids, WTF?


Not gonna lie. When I opened that photo I shrieked a little. That’s nightmare fuel, man. Apparently back in the 90’s that kid insisted on dressing as a clown  and the parents agreed, probably because they were afraid he’d butcher them all as they slept. I mean, what sort of power must you have over your parents for them to let you dress like that in a family photo? Look at him, just sitting there all smug in his clownness, leaning back and staring a hole into the camera. Chills, man. And what are the odds that little bozo has killed somebody by now? I’m thinking 99%. That clown has serial killer written all over him.

PS- Warning: Do NOT zoom in on that little clown’s face. You’ll be scarred for life. Clowns, man. 


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