Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi are the Three States That Co-Observe MLK day and Robert E. Lee’s Birthday, Because of Course They Are

Posted: January 16, 2017 in Assclowns, WTF?

AL.Com: Alabama is one of three states to co-observe MLK Day and Robert E. Lee’s birthday on the same day. Mississippi and Arkansas are the other two. The holidays are held on the third Monday of January and result in the closure of state and local offices, courts and schools.

Hey, you have to give ’em credit, huh? Celebrating the general who led the south in their fight to keep slavery and the man who was the most heroic civil rights champion in history on the same day. That’s a gutsy move right there. Or dumb, whichever side of, you know, sanity you lean towards.

In addition, I found that if you Google DMV hours today in Alabama you’ll see this:


Yep. The DMV will tell you that hours may be affected, not by MLK Day, but by Robert E. Lee’s birthday. That’s so old school south it hurts, man.

But hey, they still display the Confederate flag down there because of its “heritage” so maybe they’re using the same reasoning here. Look away, look away, look away . . . never mind.

PS- I have friends from these states who are sane, level-headed, normal and otherwise none-racist human beings. Oh, they moved there from the north, but still. 


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