Sheep, Sick of Being Herded, Rebel Against Shepherd

Posted: January 14, 2017 in Animals, Interesting Videos
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Say what you want about this website, but we lead the world in headline writing. Trust me, you won’t read that one anywhere else. Kudos to Chen Wong Soo down in Copy Editing. Well done, CW.

Anyhoo, don’t get nervous or anything but the sheep are revolting. As you can see in the video below, you can only be herded around with a stick for so long until you get tired of it. I’m sure this attack had been planned for awhile:

“Herschel, next time our asshat herder gets distracted take him out. You’re the b-a-a-a-a-a-dest sheep around, man. You’re nobody’s mutton.”

Bottom line, sheep are done being treated like passive, harmless animals, and this video proves it. Point taken, sheep. Point taken.

Note- Boy, that dude hits the road hard. Just brutal. And look how the others are watching. They know what’s up. Sheep, man.

Note II: Is that a dude with a hat or a woman? I have no idea. Whoever it is just got mutton-trucked.


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