Study Shows Revenge Does Make You Happier. YES!!!

Posted: January 12, 2017 in Humor

 NY MagazineA recent study in the Journal of Personality and Social revengePsychology illustrates, retaliating against people who have wronged you really does make you feel measurably happier. For the first part of the study, the authors had their subjects write personal essays, then told them they’d be swapping with another volunteer to provide feedback. Some of the participants instead received pre-written, mean-spirited messages trashing their writing. The researchers then gave them all a voodoo doll, telling the participants to pretend it was the person who had insulted them — and sticking it with pins. This, as it turned out, went a long way toward boosting participants’ moods. Bottom line, participants didn’t just enjoy revenge; they sought it out as a way of making themselves feel better.

YES! I KNEW IT! I always said that if I found out I had 6-months to live I’d take revenge on my enemies so I could go out with a smile on my face. You know, rather than taking the high road and going out with class and dignity. That would suck. Like I’ve always said, nothing boosts a mood quicker than sweet, vicious revenge. As for those enemies, you know who you are. Tread lightly, enemies. Tread lightly.

PS- My friends know the first guy I’d go after. Even better, they’d help.


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