Why Nick Saban Is A Warlock: His Players Actually Think They’re Underdogs

Posted: January 7, 2017 in Opinion, Sports

Nick Saban could talk a rabbit into believing it was a tortoise.

You're welcome.

You’re welcome.

His Alabama juggernaut plays Clemson on Monday in the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship. They are unbeaten and will be playing for their 2nd straight title and 5th in the last 8-seasons. Their offense has scored a whopping 39.4 points per game. The Tide has the best defense in the nation by yards and points per game. They were ranked #1 in the preseason. They’ve been ranked #1 all damn year. They’re favored in the game by 7-points.

Still, somehow, his players still feel like underdogs. Here are some quotes I’ve read over the past few days:

Senior tight end OJ Howard: “It’s kind of a slap in the face when you do something well all year and then your parents give the gift to your little brother and he just got an F on his test.”

Wait. What? Clemson is your little brother? And what did they get an F in? Beating Pitt?

Senior linebacker Ryan Anderson: “We do feel like we’re underdogs right now. My team isn’t getting the respect it deserves.”

Sigh. The old respect card. Got it.

And Senior linebacker Tim Williams had this to say: “The media is selling us as possible underdogs, they say we could possibly be upset.”

Damn media! It’s always the media! Just ask Trump! On a related note, did you know the USA elected Donald Trump as its next president? Seriously.

Anyway, it’s incredible how a coach like Saban can convince a team with Bama’s resume that nobody believes in them, respects them or gives them a chance. I know players and coaches use all sorts of nonsense to motivate themselves but geez.

Listen, I don’t expect them to say, “We’re going to win by 30-points” or anything like that, but they sound like a fool making statements like the ones you see above.

Nick Saban, Master Magician and Motivator. Gotta give him credit, man.



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