Like unique architecture? Here ya go.

Posted: January 5, 2017 in Architecture, Interesting Photos, Things I Love

I’ve always been interested in architecture and design, stuff like that. So when I ran across a site showing some mean-looking buildings I was hooked. Check these out and tell me what you think. As always I’ll add my hilariously insightful observations. You’re welcome.

Let us commence, and as always, kindly click to enlarge . . .


This is Selfridges Department Store, Birmingham, England, and it is ugly. Looks like a slug or something.


Da Hell? This monstrosity is in Polygone Riviera, France. Why in God’s name would you build something with a human head in the middle of it? I’m so confused right now.


Here’s the Mahanakhon Tower in Bangkok, Thailand. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want to be in a building that looks like it’s falling apart. Just sayin’.


It’s Fort Alexander in Saint Petersburg, Russia! This, my friends, would be a great place to stay when the Zombie Apocalypse inevitably occurs.


This is the Sunrise Kempinski Hotel in Beijing, China. No way I’d stay in that donut. Looks like it’s about to roll into the river.


Check out the Stamp House in Queensland, Australia. Great house to zombie-proof. Love it.


Hey, look at the Chongqing Art Museum, in Chongqing Shi, China. Man, that’s a spikey lookin’ building. Spikes for days.


This is Buzludzha, in Bulgaria of all places. Man, I need to research this building. Looks like a flying freaking saucer, man.


That’s Philadelphia City hall. Yikes. Looks like Gotham City or something, just looming there like a boss.


Hey, it’s the Research Institute For Experimental Medicine in Berlin, Germany! Good God. Research for Experimental Medicine? Really? Looks like a WWII fortress, man.


Yep. That’s a McDonald’s in Roswell, New Mexico, Get it? Roswell is supposedly where the aliens crashed. It’s a flying saucer shaped McDonald’s. Never mind.


This is the Lyon Airport Train Station in France. Is it me or does that look like a really pissed off elephant? Or maybe an angry mouse?


Check out the Aiguille Du Midi in the French Alps. Love this one a lot. Just cool on so many levels.



Here we have the Basque Health Department Headquarters In Bilbao, Spain. Man that’s an ugly building. And in what looks like a nice older neighborhood too. Looks bloated like you read about.

What the hell, man? Loo

This is the Graz Art Museum in Graz, Austria. Sweet Mother. Looks like a pregnant pig on its back. Horrendous.


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